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Branding Success

Here are some of our local businesses that are benefitting from effective branding.


Dana Davis' branding was easy... we played off the D's in her name and combined it with her great personality and bright colors... It's Delightful!


IntracoastalBank Palm Coast

Intracoastal Bank allowed us to think outside the box when it came to their Bank branding. 


David Alfin -Branding

David I. Alfin's "Exceptional Performance Real Estate" branding has set him apart from other local realtors. His branding is geared towards an upscale client that demand "Exceptional" service when buying or selling real estate.


Florida Jukido Academy Palm Coast

Florida Jukido Academy wanted a brand that was modern but also expressed the influences of the past.

Dixie Commons Animal Clinic Palm Coast

Dixie Commons Animal Hospital needed a branding that had a professional medical look while also conveying the compassionate side of their hospital and staff.

Flagler Auditorium Palm Coast

Flagler Auditorium required a branding that portrayed this facility as a place for "Premier Entertainment" in a small town atmosphere. Also incorporating the Arts in Education and community events throughout the year.

Grand Haven Realty Palm Coast

As one of the largest gated communities in Palm Coast, Grand Haven Realty needed to continue the community's brand and make it their own.
Enhancing the Grand Haven logo, colors, photos and themes, Grand Haven Realty has positioned themselves as the "official realtors" of Grand Haven.



Branding Tips

Here are a few simple steps to help mold your branding strategy.

1. Analyze your competition.
Choose a path that positions you as a leader in your field. If you're trying to be everything to everybody, chances are you won't get noticed. Choose an unique niche and remember the power of being viewed as an expert. This will allow you to charge more money and also to position your business at a higher perceived level.

2. Your logo is not your brand.
Your logo is the face of the your brand image. It's the first thing that your customer identifies your Company with.  
Keep in mind that certain colors, symbols and fonts convey different emotional aspects. Make sure they are in line with what your company offers but also different enough from your competitors. And as every professional designer knows... less is more.

3. Know your product or service and what your business stands for.
- Your business should be a reflection of your personal values.
- What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
- How are you different from your competitors?
- Know your products and services inside and out.
- Nothing hurts your branding more than making a statement that you can't back up.

4. Know your audience.
Great branding begins with your audience. Your brand should be determined by their values, wants, needs and lifestyles.

5. Whatever you do - BE CONSISTENT
Always use the same logo, colors, slogans, website, business cards and statements-
If all these branding elements are in place, your customer and potential customers should start easily recognizing your brand.
Over time, it should be your goal to have them recognize your brand..... subconsciously!

6. Branding is also about you and your employees
Your employees are the critical link between your company and your customer.
Encourage your employees to become ambassadors of the company brand. They must project the brand identity of their organization's products through their everyday work behavior.
- Survey employees to see whether your perceived brand is based on the current market trends and is fulfilling customers needs and wants.
- Participate in local business events -

What's Your Brand?

Branding Palm Coast

Branding is simply the consistent means by which you
communicate the services, products and ideals of your business.


It's the thing that allows customers to remember you despite their daily
exposure to thousands of competing marketing messages.

Most small business owners believe that creating a brand
is just for large corporations....

They would be wrong! 

Branding has the power to determine a business' success.
And like it or not... Your business already has a brand and it has been
determined by your audience.

 But it's never too late to tweak or move your brand
in a new direction!